Ahhh The Prick was on fire today

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Insolent Prick Says:
February 19th, 2008 at 12:39 pm


You?re quite right. Overworked electorate MPs?and Epsom is world renowned for being replete with very serious social problems, including youth crime, tagging, poverty, poor educational and health outcomes, and, of course, this country?s hidden tragedy?the unreported, but massive unemployment rate amongst Remuera?s millionaires?should make it impossible for the Epsom MP to do anything other than work in his electorate.

The same should go for all electorate MPs, except where those seats have no social or economic issues. Helen Clark should be allowed to be Prime Minister because Mount Albert is an icon of a civilised, prosperous, cohesive New Zealand with no social problems.

And if the purpose of your threadjack attempt is to smear Richard Worth, or call him lazy, Ghostie, I have just two words for you. ?Judith?, and ?Tizard?.

You have to read this thread. Insolent Prick the man who hasn’t blogged for over six months but still gets a mention by a fat, lazy, pommy, leftist slag as one of the “weird” and “nasty” terrible right wing bloggers, gets into GhostwhowalksNZ, who bravely thinks he is anonymous but is in fact a well known letter writer to the NZ Herald and Tane, the Labour sponsored lickspittle, who was on the “Duty Commenter” today.