Airport Lounge Etiquette

My brother has just returned to Seoul from a trip to New York on business. He passed on this little gem of a story.

In the KAL lounge whilst waiting for the flight to leave New York a Japanese Businessman set up his laptop and webcam and then proceeded to have a very loud discussion with someone somewhere in the world. This conversation was conducted for quite sometime, loudly in Japanese. People were starting to stare, tension was mounting.

A very dapper and polite Korean businessman went over and spoke in very good Americanised english to the Japanese Businessman and informed him that the other guests of the lounge were getting a "little pissed" with his rudeness. The Japanese business shssssh'd him and when further attempts were made to ask the rude man to desist from his loud webcam conversation the Japanese businessman then pushed the polite Korean man away, forcibly.

A short while later the Korean businessman returned from the drinks area with a tall glass of water and as he walked past the obnoxious Japanese Business poured the glass of water into the laptop. Sizzling sounds ensued followed by a howl of outrage from the Japanese busiessman and then a scuffle ensued.

The scuffle was ended when security seperated them and informed the Japanese businessman that travel on another flight would be mandatory if he didn't settle down. He poured the water from his laptop packed it up and sat down scowling at everyone.

The applause and cheering from the other passengers in support of the Korean water chucker was loud and prolonged.

Coincidentally my brother has the good fortune to have a seat beside the water bearer on the flight to Seoul.?