An exercise in politeness and civility

The other day I wrote about who may or may not have been behind the Brick Chuckers who continue to elude Mr Plod and seem to keep wanting to create wanton damage around the place.

One suspect group reacted with violence and outrage and continue to harrass me via email, except I don't get them anymore because of Googles wonderful spam feature. They threatened my family and abused me all over the place.

The other possibility that I alluded to rang me tonight. Mr Nobilangelo Ceramalus was very polite and courteous and explained how opposed to violence and vandalism. He asked that I clarify his position. We spoke for about 20 minutes about politics in general and global warming plus some other stuff….I don't think we are ever going to see eye to eye on anything but at east we were polite.

So accordingly I now discount Mr Ceramalus from being one of the Brick Chuckers due entirely to the reasonable way in which he handled himself. I thank you Nobilangelo for your courtesy and politeness.

On the other hand we are left with the other group who by their very actions codemn themselves.

Therefore I say again, especially to any increadibly dim Police investigators who can't work simple things out that People-PowerNZ = CYFSWatch.?