Anderton slam-dunked by Groser

New Zealand Parliament – 3. Meat Industry?Restructuring

For the last two days Jim Anderton as a loyal poodle has been trying to create a mountain out of an antnest over National’s meat policy. Jim though, being of advanced years and perhaps suffering the first signs of dementia, was left to rail on for two days in the house until Tim Groser stood and took the Speaker’s call to ask the following question of the Minister;

Tim Groser: Given that in 1999 this Minister of Agriculture described National?s tariff and subsidy removal plan as ?sheer idiocy?, but yesterday, in claiming erroneously that National wished to go back to tariffs and subsidies, he told the House that tariffs and subsidies were ?the economic ruination of this country?, would the Minister like to share with the House the sequence of events that led to this happy, if remarkable, change of world view?

Large choking and spluttering sounds were heard from the general vicinity of Jim Anderton’s bench.