Anonymous Coward chucks another brick

Brick attack smashes Green Party office windowA brick was thrown through the window of a Green Party office in Auckland last night, the party's co-leader Russel Norman says.
Dr Norman told NZPA party staffers arrived this morning at the New North Rd office in the suburb of…
[NZ Politics]

The same anonymous coward who chucked a brick through Helen Clark's office window has done the same to the Greens Sandringham Office.

Look I can understand his opposition to the EFA but I cannot condone his brick chucking. At least I am open about my opposition and not issuing anonymous press releases. I fully expect some leftwing nutjob to turn up here one day to try to give me a slapping. In fact I look forward to it. The point is that citizens shouldn't feel afraid to publish their names and details but this government has made a habit of denigration of its opponents creating a climate of fear.

Of course the usual suspects are blaming National and Kiwiblog without an ioata of proof. But then he is an anonymous coward too, so a bit hard to expect anything less. On another post he gets snarky with DPF for not engaging with him on an issue….Mmmmkay…if perhaps you had some sort of commenting facility that argument might hold water.

Since we are talking about Freedom of Speech, IDIOT/Savant is psuhing for support for a Nay Phone Latt who is a Burmese blogger who has been charged under a law that IDIOT/Savant describes as a rather vague crime……I have a couple of interesting questions for IDIOT/Savant.

  1. Why support fro Free Speech in Burma and not New Zealand?
  2. Why do you break with socialist tradition and call Burma, Burma and not Myanmar?
  3. Why are you a hypocrite?
  4. You refuse to post a link to my site accusing me of being a sewer, yes i still have the email but link to Newzblog and Kiwiblogblog arguably the lefts version of the sewer. Does their shit not stink?
  5. Are you a hypocrite or just a typical socialist arsehole?