Army to upgrade weapons systems

Defence force weapons in multi-million dollar upgrade – 26 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

It looks like the Army is about to upgrade its weapons systems particularly the Infantry weapons. The study will look at;

The Steyrs are not going to be replaced, but bloody well should be. The Minimi is typical of anything manufactued by Fabrique Nationale, over engineered, heavy and ultimately prone to problems in combat due to complexity.

If I had my way and was involved in the review here is what I would recommend;

  • Replace the Steyr with the M16A4. This is a proven weapon system and relatively cheap compared to the silly bullpup Steyrs. Being left handed I have an inbuilt hatred of the Steyrs.
  • Replace the Minimi with either the Ameli or the Ultimax 100. I would go for the Ultimax 100 in personal preference, for a number of reasons not the least because it is considered by some to be the best 5.56 mm light machine gun/squad automatic weapon in the world and is used by more countries than the Ameli and manufactured in Singapore. It can also be used to replace a large number of the Steyrs at the same time. This allows for a higher concentration of LMG’s at the platoon and section level.
  • Replace the Sig-Sauers with Glocks. Having owned several Glocks in the past I rate these pistols highly. The 17L competition model is especially accurate at 50 metres. I was able to place the whole mag into a hole the size of a fifty cent piece.
  • My choice of Combat Shotgun would be the Benelli Super 90. It is the official Joint Service Combat Shotgun for the US.
  • For the sniper rifle you can’t go past the M40A3 the Marine Corps rifle of choice.
  • I would replace the Carl Gustav with the SMAW. Originally designed by the Israeli’s so well combat tested and also deployed to Iraq and used with Thermobaric rockets.

There are my selections. I so want to be on the test and evaluation team for these.