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New Zealand Parliament – 4. Political Parties?Meaning of ?Donation?

Hon Bill English: Is she aware?

Hon Phil Goff: Quit while you?re ahead.

Hon Bill English: Quit while you?re behind, Phil. [Interruption]

Madam SPEAKER: This chipping across the Chamber causes disorder.

Hon Bill English: Is she aware the comments made by the president of the Labour Party referred to interest-free loans, mainly from rich branches of the Labour Party; and does she think that her officials should advise the president of the Labour Party that he should declare all pledge card loans, so the public can know whether one of New Zealand?s major political parties is complying with the law?

Hon ANNETTE KING: There are several questions there, and in relation to the first one, no.

Hon Bill English: Given her view, stated to this House, that an interest-free loan is, in fact, a donation, does she believe that the comment made by the president of the Labour Party after Owen Glenn received his New Year?s honour, saying that Mr Glenn had not made a donation was misleading, and probably deliberately misleading?

Hon ANNETTE KING: My name is not ?Mr Nasty?, like that member?s; he is always throwing insults around people. To say that people deliberately mislead is not something I am going to comment on.

Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. [Interruption]

Madam SPEAKER: Points of order are heard in silence.

Gerry Brownlee: Do you seriously consider that that was an answer to the question, or even an attempt to address it? She simply said: ?My name is not ?Mr Nasty? ?. Perhaps she would like to tell us what her middle name is, inside the Labour Party?

Heh, Phil gets the smackdown from Bill and then Mrs Blame-it-on-the-Moon gets spanked by Gerry.

Incidentally would someone like to enlighten us all exactly what Annette “Moonbeam” King’s real labour Party nickname is???