Broken arsed and raiding our purses again

Labour are flat broke.

We know this because even though Owen Glenn drop kicked them all over the viaduct and left landmines and cluster-bombs for their under-trained bomb technicians to defuse, President Mike Williams is still thinking of having his hand out again for 30 pieces of silver from Owen Glenn.

Now informants are sending me photos of proof that Labour is flat broke and campaigning again on our money.

Exhibit A: Today in Invercargill at the Walk for Life to support the Cancer Society…an event that should be non-political, Lesley Soper has turned it into a disgraceful electioneering stunt with her cronies wandering around carrying Labour umbrellas and wearing T shirts that say ‘Keep Left’. Oh, and don’t forget the blatant sign on the ground ‘The future’s with Labour.’

Exhibit B: They are so broken-arsed they have to recycle Lange/Douglas era umbrellas with the old party logo on it.

Clearly the Labour Party thinks that signing up new members is a parliamentary activity as the Flags in the background clearly show the Parliamentary Services crest and also list the Party’s website address which again shows the parliamentary crest. Now the interesting thing is that non of this activity has any authorisation statements anywhere, not evven on the big “Labour” signs. The website does not have any links anywhere to the non-parliamentary party details of office holders or even the president.

Contrast that with National’s website which does have links to regional and national Headquarters, office holders and other non-parliamentary information. oh and they aren’t billing the Parliamentary Services for the website either.

We can see right here, right now the stark difference between Labour and National. Labour thinks there is no distinction between the party apparatus and the political apparatus and National has clear delineation and boundaries between the two. Labour are corrupt and continuing to thieve from the public purse while National spends its own money on party information.