Business to Cullen: cut tax to 30pc

Business to Cullen: cut tax to 30pcA group of heavyweight business interests have laid out their dream tax-cut package, calling on the Government to make a bold move and cut all personal taxes to 30 per cent or less.
The group, comprising the Business Roundtable,…
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As most businesses are unincorporated they missed out on the Cullen last burst of generosity when he lowered corporate tax. He bangs on about it but 40% of NZ business missed out on this tax cut but were all similarly hit with compulsory contributions to their staff's retirement.


[quote] the Business Roundtable, Chambers of Commerce, Federated Farmers and the Institute of Chartered Accountants, have issued a paper calling for the drop in tax rates as the Government prepares a three-year programme of cuts for the Budget in May.

The group is also suggesting Working for Families should be cut back and no new concession schemes be introduced.

The paper, recommending what the Government should do in its Budget this year, said lower, flatter tax rates were an incentive for hard work and saving and promoted economic growth by encouraging investing.[/quote]

They are right of course but the chances of Cullen listening to them is the about the same as a snowball down Satan's gym shorts.