Clark is losing the plot

‘No-one’s talking about deporting Herald editor’ – Clark – 28 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Today she has fallen into the trap of comparing herself to Fiji. She was of course trying to differentiate but it ended up looking bad nonetheless.

Prime Minister Helen Clark says her criticisms of the New Zealand Herald bear no similarity to the ejection a newspaper publisher from Fiji by that country’s military regime.

Miss Clark this week condemned the expulsion of the Australian citizen over a series of articles accusing the country’s Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry of tax evasion.

“It’s inconceivable that you can hold open, free and fair elections if you have media intimidation,” Miss Clark said.

However Miss Clark today faced questions about her own swipes at the media.

Miss Clark this week said the New Zealand Herald had run a silly campaign against the Electoral Finance Act, and was a Tory paper which had shown no charity to Labour in the party’s 91 years of existence.

Indeed Clark! Indeed, it IS “inconceivable that you can hold open, free and fair elections if you have media intimidation”, intimidation much like that which you and your husband have engaged in.

“I really think there is no comparison,” she said on Radio New Zealand.

“Quite frankly day in day out people make observations about the media and we are just as entitled to do that, as politicians, as anyone else.

“No one’s talking about deporting the editor of the New Zealand Herald for goodness sake.”

Miss Clark said her husband did not consult her when he wrote letters to the editor and she did not want to restrict his freedom of speech.

No, not his freedom of speech, but quite happy to restrict mine, and anyone else from having a say in whatever way they see fit. No then we must have our freedom of speech curtailed. She isn’t talking about deporting the editor of the NZ Herald…….yet, but I bet she wishes she could. Of course it has probably also escaped her notice that the editor is probably a New Zealand citizen whilst the editor in Fiji was a meddling Australian.