Colin Espiner joins the fray

On the House –

Colin Espiner has joined the fray with a blog post.

“According to retread NZ First MP and party president Dail Jones, the money just turned up in the party?s bank account late last year and no-one knows where it came from. Well, no-one except Peters it seems, who was able to deny through a spokesman last night that the money was Glenn?s. OK, then, whose money was it?”

Of course Colin along with other MSM haven’t yet asked Winston to reconcile his statements of where the money came from with the actuality that it was from a semi-anonymous donor.

Labour too is in trouble he notes.

“NZ First?s connection to Labour as a support party of the Government means Clark will be praying it isn?t true either. Things have already got bad enough this week, with her having to douse fires over the suggestion he was offered a Cabinet post, and rely on her occasionally faulty memory over when her conversations with Glenn took place and when she found out he wanted the consul job.

Then Howard Morrison pops out of the woodwork to defend Glenn and ends up causing yet more controversy by claiming he offered him a cool million to stand for Parliament – adding to the implication that Glenn may believe New Zealand politics can be influenced by a lot of money.

And this is why this whole saga is so bad for Labour. It?s contextual. The big money, wealthy-overseas-bagman trying to influence our political system argument is the one the Government always slings at the Nats, and it?s coming back to haunt Labour.”

Colin points out that government apologists are accusing the media of over-egging the pudding, more like just desserts is the way I see it.