Come clean Clark over Cash for Honours/Positions/Policy

Scoop: Clark must front over Glenn donations

The Hollow Woman needs to come clean over the “big money” and “big influence” that Owen Glenn has intimated in his revealing interview with the Dompost.

Bill english is calling for her to come clean, so far there has been major silence from the two TV news networks. One wonders when they will pick it up. TVNZ are probably acting under orders and need one of the other networks to start before they will be let off the leash.

Of other interest is this page.

In particular this little paragraph;
For the purpose of determining whether an offence involves serious and/or complex fraud, the Serious Fraud Office Act 1990 provides that the Director may, among other things, have regard to the following factors:

* The suspected nature and consequences of the fraud.
* The suspected scale of the fraud.
* The legal, factual and evidential complexity of the matter.
* Any relevant public interest consideration.

It is not possible to be specific as to the cases that will be investigated and prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office. However, the following criteria are generally considered:

* All fraud involving over $500,000.
* All fraud perpetrated by complex means.
* Any fraud likely to be, of major public interest and concern.
* The Director has full discretion in the selection of cases.

It seems that Mike Williams and Helen Clark are playing fast and loose with the Electoral Laws.