Crocodile Tears from Williams

Labour president offers to quit over Owen Glenn saga – 21 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Mike Williams says he has tendered his resignation to Helen Clark……really!!!!

The head of the the non-parliamentary wing of the party tenders his resignation to the parliamentary leader of the Labour party. How bizarre.

So let me get this straight, Mike Williams is an elected president and controls the Board of the Labour Party and he resigns to Clark?

Shouldn’t he be tendering his resignation to the Board? Since when did the parliamentary party leader get to pick and choose a president.

This episode raisies more questions than it answers. It shows how closely entwined Labour’s political machine is to their parliamentary organisation. We have also heard today that Mike Williams lobbied for one of Glenn’s baubles, what on earth the resident of a party doing lobbying with the Honours Committee. Labour are being shown for the corrupt and venal crooks they are.