Cullen is the Mr Bumble of New Zealand politics

Scoop: More gruel please Dr Cullen?

Cullen really hates tax cuts. It goes against the grain. He told a Select Committee as much with a truly terrible comment.

[quote]Finance Minister Michael Cullen has described workers? approach to tax cuts as an Oliver Twist mentality ? they will just come back for more.[/quote]

I heard this comment in the house when Bill English was tearing into Cullen. Bill had some fantastic lines. He has put some of them again into his press release.

[quote]?At least in Oliver Twist the poor house provided the gruel, whereas in Dr Cullen?s world the poor have provided the gruel and he is reluctantly giving it back to them in teaspoonfuls.?

?Evidence of Dr Cullen?s control freakery is laid bare in the papers released after his last Budget, when he warned his colleagues that their record spending spree would keep interest rates higher for longer."

?New Zealanders need only to reflect on his track record with personal tax reductions. He cancelled the so-called chewing gum tax cuts because New Zealanders weren?t grateful enough ? then went on to knowingly bump up interest rates."

?This isn?t Oliver Twist ? it?s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.?[/quote]

King and now Cullen, how many more Government ministers are losing the plot.

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