Cullen thinks "Indigenous Peoples" has no meaning

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Cullen answered a question in parliament today and said;

“…what one might call, indigenous peoples?a term, of course, that has no meaning…”

I can’t believe that he actually said it, but there it is in the transcripts of parliament, in black and white. It is undeniable that he said it. What is worse is that he said it on behalf of the Prime Minister. When another minister answers on behalf that is exactly the same the actual minister uttering the words.

Now we know why Clark refused to front at Waitangi. She simply thinks that indigenous peoples has no meaning. There goes her attempts at reconciliation with Maori, and the Maori party in particular.

She via Cullen has shown the contempt Labour shows Maori as the indigenous people of Aoteroa-New Zealand.

Labour should be looking quickly to replace Clark and Cullen before all respectability evaporates. With racist attitudes like that they have no right to govern