Cult leader continues delusions

Beset PM sticks to her guns – 26 Feb 2008 – Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage – NZ Herald

The Cult of Personality that is the Labour Party is struggling right now. That is mainly because Labour has only ever relied on bribes and the force of personality of their leader. About 4 months into last year though her political nose deserted her and for nearly a year now Labour can count positive headlines on one hand.

Helen Clark is 58 today, and the only presents she is getting is a knife in the ribs from opinion polls and ones in the back from her own caucus.

The problem Clark has is that her words betray her;

“I’ve said I think those results are a bit extreme, but clearly the Government has got work to do,” she said. “I don’t propose to change the basic strategy, which is to get on with governing – it’s a long time ’til the election.”

The weak polls were due to “a bit of a hangover” from where Labour ended last year, she said.

When media questions during the Prime Minister’s regular Monday press conference focused on the polls, an unhappy Helen Clark abruptly said she had time for only a couple more questions on “other things” because she had kept the Governor of Bamyan Province in Afghanistan waiting for 45 minutes.

The polls are only extreme if you believe your own spin that the media are ganging up on you. Demonstrably Helen Clark has had the greatest free ride from a sycophantic media than any Prime Minister in living memory. It is only in recent times that they have chosen to not be dizzied by the constant spin emanating from the ninth floor.

In fact the spin is so bad that even Helen Clark is dizzy from it all. I’m glad that she isn’t going to change the basic strategy because it is working brilliantly…for National. Clark also believes her own spin that the election is a long way off. It is in her mind but then she has never had a deal with Winston before. We have and we know where it is heading and it isn’t all good for Labour and anyother party that tags along with them.