Curiouser and Curiouser

No Minister: Labour’s Secret Foreign Money Go Round

Adolf blogs about the astounding synergies between Labour repaying a loan to Owen Glenn and Winston First magically getting a large semi-anonymous donor. I say semi-anonymous donor because Winston categorically denies that Owen Glenn is the donor, therefore he must know who the donor is.

So are Labour and New Zealand First running a money laundering racket? Well it would appear so.

Come good MSM get you teeth into that. As Adolf says;

What a bunch of devious, dishonest, conniving crooks they all are. And they have the nerve to accuse National of impropriety for using perfectly legal trusts to guarantee anonymity to political donors.

Adolf wonders how the few remaining loyal members of New Zealand First feel about the fact that Winston has onsold them to the Labour sect and it’s ghoulish cult leader, just like a bundle of sub-prime mortgages.