Embarrassing public service email blunder

Embarrassing public service email blunderThe neutrality of the public service has been questioned after the exposure of a politically inflammatory email sent in the run-up to Labour's Dunedin South selection meeting.
In an email to an electorate agent, Lynne Renouf, the…
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As if we needed proof that political toadies and lickspittles infest the so-called neutral Public Service we see another email debacle hitting the government where their goolies would be if they weren't such a bunch of pussies.

[quote]The email begins with an invitation to a Public Service Association meeting, of which Renouf is a delegate. It is sent from Renouf's parliamentary email, and signed off by her as office manager for Barnett.

The email was accidentally sent to Katherine Rich's Dunedin office, and the agent declined attendance in her reply.

Renouf then states: "Big weekend for your fella?" in reference to yesterday's Labour Party selection contest in Dunedin.

"Hope it all goes well for David. Despite the sigh! oh sh..! events over the past year still think we would be silly to flick experience when on the ropes. The newcomers can try the List and earn some stripes."

The electorate agent replied: "I don't care either way. I work for Katherine Rich not David Benson Pope."

This case has brought condemnation from Act leader Rodney Hide, but Barnett said he was comfortable with the email because Renouf was acting as a PSA delegate at the time it was sent.[/quote]

The laughs are really starting to hurt the sides. Not only are we seeing panic in the ranks with comments like "on the ropes" but we have clear evidence of a corrupted civil service where people are paid by Parliamentary Services to do a particular job but supposedly they can use the resources provided to do that job to also "act as a PSA delegate" just coincidentally at the very time she pressed send.

If National had any balls they would do exactly the same as happens in the US when an administration changes hands. They sack everyone who worked for the other side.?