For those who say National can't govern alone

New Zealand general election, 1990 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For those who say National can’t govern alone I have 4 little numbers for you…..1990.

National Party 47.82%
Labour Party 35.14%
Green Party 6.85%
NewLabour Party 5.16%

Sure it was first past the post, but that is why I posted the percentages and not the seats. Now if those results were gathered today then it would still be a National victory. Plus there would be the overhang seats of Act, United Future and the Maori Party.

Labour was so eviscerated by that result that it took them nine years and MMP to recover. Helen Clark has single-handedly done exactly the same thing again. She is the only one that can be blamed for the fiasco, that is what comes for creating a party with a hero worship culture. When times are good the hero rides the wave, when times are bad someone looks for the blade sharpeners and there is only one throat to cut.