Fran O'Sullivan: Public deserves better answers

Fran O'Sullivan: Public deserves better answersLabour Party donor Owen Glenn's extraordinary claim that Helen Clark tried to lure him back to New Zealand with the offer of a Cabinet job has unfortunate connotations.
The PM would not have been amused at publicity over the expat…
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We sure do Fran. Clark needs to come clean, so does Mike Williams and there needs to an independant inquiry and audit of Labour's accounts because there is enough prima facie evidence to suggest they are falsifying their Electoral returns.

Clark has denied it of course but it is hard to refute this;

[quote]Clark would not engage directly on Glenn's claim yesterday. All I managed to extract from her press secretary Kathryn Street was a one liner: "The response from a spokesperson for the Prime Minister is it never happened".

But Glenn's recollection of the conversation was sufficiently full that he could relate to reporter Kim Ruscoe just where the conversation took place (Kawau Island after the Millennium Cup Super Yacht regatta). He also recollected his reasons why he wouldn't want the job (assets like the railways were sold … Qantas was closing in on Air NZ … what would he do?) and her rejoinder (these things might not have happened if we had people like you).[/quote]

Yes, this is so like the Jenny Sipley conversation at dinner it is delicious. What goes around comes around. Suck it up Clark, suck it up.