Hmmm…..Looks like the anti-smacking police are on patrol in a Primary School near YOU!

An email arrived today. This is what it said. No other comment, it speaks for itself.

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I was talking to my mother-in-law, who had just been down to Invercargill with her grandchildren.

Guess what little Mr 5-year-old was taught on his second day of school. Go on.


The Year 1 class at Otatara Primary School received a visit from a local Invercargill policeman, on just their second day of school this year. What law-enforcement issues did the policeman want to share with the 5-year-olds?

How to tell the police about vandals? How to spot prowling paedophiles? How to deal with bullies? No. The Invercargill Police are using their policing resources to inform 5-year-olds that it is illegal for Mum and Dad to smack them! The children were told that they were not allowed to be smacked at all.

Yes – the police, who we were earlier told would only investigate serious abuse as a result of the smacking law reform, are now telling 5-year-old children to report *any* smacking they receive.

Of course, little Mr 5-year-old – who is currently testing boundaries of behaviour to see what he can get away with – came home to jubilantly announce to his Mum and Dad that any smacking is illegal.

I wonder if this ‘State education’ of our children is part of a national strategy? Is this really what we are paying our police to do?
As much as it pains me to be on the same ‘side’ as the fundies on this one, it seems that we’re breeding brats and assholes with the no-smacking law.


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