How many more interest free loans?

Williams defends Labour’s silence on Glenn loan (+video) – News – Dominion Post

Mike Williams big mouth has got him into more trouble,and the trouble is only just starting.

In todays Dompost article he is quoted as saying;

“It didn’t enter my head, because we do have these interest-free loans and they’re never classified as donations.”

That statement is very interesting in that it has the plural “loans” meaning more than one and the plural “donations” meaning there are more than one.

  1. So just how many Interest free loans did the Labour Party receive?
  2. What are the policy concessions behind these “loans”?
  3. Who were they from?
  4. What favours, honours or other baubles were conferred on the loan providers?

Labour has shown itself to follow the Labour UK play book…first it was the pledge card, then it was the cash for honours and now it is the full blown loans for whatever?

Labour must come clean. How far into this murky mess are Mike Williams, Helen Clark and Heather Simpson?