John Armstrong: Labour paying dearly for interest-free loan from Glenn

John Armstrong: Labour paying dearly for interest-free loan from GlennIt is the interest-free loan that has turned out to be far from interest-free. Labour may have benefited financially from Owen Glenn’s generosity. But the party is sure as heck paying an exorbitant rate of interest in political terms.

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Good and so they should. Labour have been economical with the truth….hell!! In fact they have bloody lied like a flat-fish.

John Armstrong writes that they got trounced in the House yesterday and they surely did with Bill English, Gerry Brownlee and John Key smashing apart the front benches.

The party will have been pondering that question even more intently following the drubbing it received at the hands of National in Parliament yesterday.

The trouncing was almost complete before Justice Minister Annette King described Bill English as “Mr Nasty”. But that sealed victory for the Opposition.

When a minister as experienced and normally dominant on the parliamentary stage as King resorts to name-calling to avoid answering a question from an opponent, that is as close to an admission of defeat as you are going to get.

National’s deputy leader had been repeatedly asking her whether she would be investigating whether her party had been complying with electoral law with respect to such loans. English got under her skin. She committed the parliamentary no-no of showing it.

English’s persistence made it a grand slam for National after John Key also got the better of the Prime Minister on the subject of Glenn, his donations, the loan, his New Year’s honour, his claim (subsequently withdrawn) that he was offered a Cabinet post and, in the latest bizarre twist, his possible appointment as honorary consul in Monaco

The political cost of this shenanigans is mounting and is set to get worse today.