John Armstrong on Labour's ineffectual tactics

John Armstrong: Labour’s combat wing showing signs of wear and tear – 21 Feb 2008 – Opinion, Editorial and reader comments from New Zealand and around the World – nzherald

Labour this year officially and unofficially through their client-blogs have tried the age old tactic of smear and lies and attacks on John Key. They have all spectacularly failed. John Armstrong catalogues the failures which have shown John Key has bested people who are supposed to be the best in the House. Looks like the mantle has shifted.

Unlike the 17 ageing fighter-bombers – which have been given a latex covering to keep out the damp while stored outdoors – Teflon is Key’s choice of protective coating.

The latex on the Skyhawks is now fraying in places – something Act’s Heather Roy made evident by holding up large photographs of the planes in order to embarrass Defence Minister Phil Goff.

But Key’s second skin remains intact. Whatever Labour throws at him, nothing seems to stick.

Meanwhile the Labour and their client-blogs are showing increased evidence of Acute Key Derangement Syndrome.