Jones is lying, Winston is fuming, Labour's Glenn trying to buy elections

Blog: Winston Peters fury over handling of Owen Glenn donation story – 20 Feb 2008 – NZ Politics – Political editor Audrey Young blogs from Parliament – New Zealand Herald

Winston Peters is fuming apparently as the wheels come off of his taudry bauble focussed party. Winston is denying that the party had ever received a donation from Owen Glenn. But if he knows it wasn’t Owen he can only know that it wasn’t because he knows who it was.

For Winston to know who the donors are smacks of donations for favours. Of course Winston could just as easily have been economical with the truth, like Mike Williams, and Owen hasn’t made a donation but has in fact made a loan to NZ First.

Dail Jones is also dead set lying. To TVNZ he said “When the money came in I went to the bank and I said ‘Where has this come from?’ And they pushed all the buttons and wheels and such like and they couldn’t tell me,”.

That is demonstrably a lie. I am so certain that that is a lie I hope Winston and Jones sue me so I can prove to the nation that Dail Jones is a liar. Please Winston and Dail, please sue me like you’ve threatened to on numerous occasions, please do it.

You see banking just doesn’t work how Dail Jones says it does. How do I know that, well over 10 years in the banking industry the last 5 in Information Technology rolling out a banking system for a major NZ bank. You see it is very simple in banking, for every debit there is a credit. For every credit there is a debit. Every bank in the world has a number, so does every branch, so does every account. If there is a debit from a donors account then there is a credit into NZ Firsts account. The banks at both ends know EXACTLY the account numbers of where the funds came from. Not only that if someone gets an account number wrong then the money goes to a suspense account, every bank and branch has the same account base account number for Suspense Returns it is, they then find out where it is supposed to go, or send it bank to the originating branch. So to send it back they must know whence it came.

Dail Jones is simply lying and worse he was lying from the parliamentary precincts. Winston must he know he is lying just as he must surely know the name of the so called anonymous donor if he can categorically say that Owen Glenn has never, ever donated to NZ First.

Meanwhile TVNZ has revealed that Owen Glenn has tried to pay $1 million to Sir Howard Morrison to stand for parliament.

Just who hasn’t been bought by Owen Glenn, the rogue billionaire that was Labour’s “big money” donor?

This scandal is deeper than what has even surfaced, mark my words and the truly delightful thing is that after Clark’s screeching for two and a bit years about “big money” trying to buy elections, it turns out that it is THEIR donor, and their money, their interest free loans and their awards of honours that are trying to buy elections. Not only that the utter hypocrisy of Labour and New Zealand First to ram through the Electoral Finance Act to try to stop other people doing what they themselves have done.

Confidence must surely be lost in the Government now. If the Greens and united have any integrity they need to categorically deny ever receiving any donation, loan, temporary deposit, funds, services in kind from Labour’s biggest donor. They must do it fast and they must pull support for Labour. So far both United Future and The Greens have never been mentioned in this scandal. They must make it cear where they stand, for the corruption of Labour and NZ First or for democracy. For the sake of our democracy we must have an election and we must have it soon.

The stench of corruption hangs over the government.