Kiwi's abandoning Clarkistan is increasing numbers

Population drift to Australia keeps growing – 28 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand Business, Markets, Currency and Personal Finance News

Of course it was all a beat up when Richard Poole campaigned against it. it is all a beat up by the opposition, the statistics are disingenuous, the media are against us, the people don’t understand……labour good, National bad, Labour good, National bad….not my fault, National bad, big money, secret trusts…exclusive brethren….mummy!

Yes Helen blames everyone but herself but while she obfuscates, lies and spins denials, the proletariat are voting, with their feet!

Kiwis are still packing their bags for Australia in droves.

New Zealand’s loss of population to our trans-tasman neighbour is at its highest level since early this decade, new figures show.

The net outflow of people from New Zealand intending to live permanently, or at least long term, to Australia, was last month at its highest for 6-1/2 years, Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) said.

In the year to January, 28,600 more people left for Australia as permanent or long term departures (PLT) than came the other way.

That compared with 21,600 in the January 2007 year and was the highest annual net outflow to Australia since the August 2001 year, when the figure was 29,100, SNZ said.

The net outflow to Australia peaked at 31,800 in the May 2001 year, with an earlier peak of 33,700 in the January 1989 year.

I don’t suppose that anyone has noticed that all of those dates recognised as peak outflows correspond with Labour government’s.