Labour Candidate not ashamed of Glenn Saga

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Hunua Labour Candidate Jordan Carter, a well known shrill lefty lickspittle of Helen Clark, Labour and a big fan of David Benson-Pope has come out in big favour of Labour’s shenanigans with Owen Glenn.

“I don’t see what Labour has to be ashamed about at all. Everything the party has done has been in compliance with the law. Advocating tighter funding and transparency laws for politics isn’t inconsistent with anything to do with what Labour has done in this or any other situation.”

How Jordan can be so far out of touch with reality just shows how far Labour has sunk.

It may have been done in compliance with the law, that still remains to be debated, but it wasn’t morally or ethically right. If it was wrong for Jenny Shipley to chat about politics over dinner then it is worse that Clark offered or didn’t offer or can’t remember or was joking about the Transport Minister portfolio, it is worse that Labour President Mike Williams flat out lied when he said that Owen Glenn hadn’t made any donations after 2005 when he most demonstrably has, it is worse when it looks like Owen Glenn’s gong was for the $500,000 or the “loan that was oh so conveniently repaid just before his “gong” was conferred and worse that he is still wanting a bauble of being the Consul for Monaco, a significant tax haven.

If Jordan isn’t ashamed of all that what on earth would he be ashamed of?