Labour funding spam attacks?

Spam Attack ? Renascent Exegete

Peteremcc blogs about an email that I received as well. This email breaks two laws.

  1. The new Anti-Spam law
  2. The Electoral Finance Act 2007

As Peter points out the email address resolves to Orcon so it behooves Orcon to investigate this spam attack and remove the user. given Labour’s proven links with the Standard and their campaign to distract from the scandal that is swirling around Labour at the moment by blogging about some obscure, likely misquoted segment of a speech deliver some two months ago by John Key it is highly likely that they are involved.

Not only that the Electoral Commission needs to investigate this blatant breach of the Electoral Finance Act.

Isn’t interesting that the only alleged breaches of the Act being investigated by the Electoral Commission come from Labour affiliated groups? The EPMU, The Standard and Kiwiblogblog. This shows the complete and utter hypocrisies of the left in ramming through a law to silence opposition groups and then breaching the law that they vociferously supported.

The spam email should have had an authorisation statement on it, same as the email. This is a blatant breach of the Electoral Finance Act.