Labour's woes get worse

Report outlines serious hospital mistakes – Newstalk ZB

Despite billions of extra funding in Health the problems just keep getting worse.

“New Zealand’s hospitals made 182 serious mistakes involving patients in a year.

The figures from every district health board have been gathered for the first time, with patient records revealing there are 2.2 serious mistakes made for every 10,000 patients discharged.

The Auckland DHB has the highest number with 26 events, followed by Waikato with 24 and Waitemata and Canterbury each with 22.

Examples of mistakes include a patient who died after being given another patient’s diabetes medication. Incidents include an assault on a patient, drug errors and surgery beginning on the wrong side of a patient’s body.

It is the first time data has been pooled by the DHBs and was prompted by a flood of Official Information Requests before Christmas.”

Cunliffe is upset, rightly so as he is the one in charge remember. What is he upset about?

They haven’t cleaned up the stats into a presentable format……in other words, he hasn’t worked out how spin 182 serious mistakes into something positive.

The Public Service is leaking like the proverbial…Labour will never be able to keep a lid on these troubles anymore.