Liar, Liar, pants on fire

Kiwiblog ? Blog Archive ? Glenn says Brethren campaign prompted his $500,000 donation to Labour

Owen Glenn the expat billionaire who bought and paid for the equivalent of a knighthood has been caught with his pants down.

He has said in a DomPost column that he only gave to Labour because of the sneaky Brethren campaign……..Whoooooaaa hold on there a minute, does Owen Gelnn think we are Labour voters who can’t check a calendar?

DPF has;
[quote]Now there is a serious credibility issue here. Very very serious. You see the Brethren campaign only became public in September 2005. And when did Owen Glenn make his donations? Well according to the Electoral Commission he gave $199,960 to Labour in 2004 – yes in 2004. And he gave a further $300,000 in 2005.

And as further proof we have this story in May 2005 with Labour President Mike Williams announcing the $500,000 donation by Owen Glenn, and confirming they had already received the $500,000 – with the first payment appearing to be on 9 November 2004 and the last on 9 March 2005.

So how does one reconcile these conflicting facts. There seem to be only three possibilities

1. Owen Glenn knew about the Brethren?s plans a year before anyone else in NZ did
2. The Dominion Post has grossly misrepresented what Owen Glenn has said
3. Owen Glenn has lied[/quote]

David has, probably through politeness, missed a few other possibilities out.

  1. Mike Williams has lied about the $500,000
  2. Labour has hidden the $500,000 somewhere as it doesn’t show in their declarations.
  3. Either the declarations are false, or Mike Willioams and Owen Glenn are liars, they can’t both be true.
  4. What about the donations for Ministerial positions!!!!
  5. Where is the money???
  6. Buying policy?

This is a massive scandal if only the media would get off their humps and start doing some digging. Labour can’t have it both ways, either there donation returns are false or Mike Williams, Helen Clark and Owen Glenn have repreatedly lied to the country. This quite possibly is a “Cash for Policy, Ministerial positions, Honour” scandal all combined.

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