Life is so much better now…..

Police to be based fulltime in schools – 16 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

You know how it ends, it depends on which blog you read. If you read the blogs that are the mouthpiece of Labour Party staffers and appartchiks like Jordan’s and Tony’s then the ending of course is under Labour. If you read Labour Party sponsored blogs or union funded attack blogs like the The Standard and DPF’s stalker blog then the ending is ….under Labour and Key is so inept/stupid/eating babies don’t put it all at risk.

If you read the papers and watch the news though, you will be trying very hard to say life is so much better under Labour. Especially when you try to find out when was the last time that coppers had to be stationed in schools in South Auckland because crime is so bad there.

The answer of course is never, never before have we had Police stationed in schools in South Auckland because of rampant crime. never under any previous government and only now under a Labour Government. Labour has failed the people of South Auckland who have returned labour MP’s time, after time, after time.

Labour demonstrably has NOT made their lives any better despite billions of extra funding in Health, Welfare and Working for (Other Peoples) Families. Labour has failed the worker, the Unions have failed the worker by supporting Labour and the Greens have failed the workers by propping them up.

Then of course there are veteran plonkers like Jim Anderton. Lindsay Mitchell exposed this leftard for all of his stupidity.

We demonstrably are no better off under Labour and folk are finding out now, this year of all years, election year, that WFF is a trap, that Kiwisaver and the Cullen Fund are a mirage, that Tax Cuts are illusory under Labour, that the Health system is so poked that the Health and Disability Commissioner says that our hospitals are dangerous and that it is better to live in Australia where even the Labor government there even gives tax cuts.

To top all that off we now have a list of schools kindly provided by the Herald that no parent in their right mind would want to send their kids to. Schools where crime is so bad that Police officers have to be stationed there.

Life under Labour is just wonderfully, fabulous isn’t it? No it isn’t. But the sad fact remains is that the people most harmed by Labour will send their Vote Easy cards to the local LEC and let them cast their votes once again for Labour.