More evidence of Labour's failure wth Corrections

Ex-priest and the paedophile – 17 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The government will probably have a big wail when vigilante justice will sort out Howard Vivian Kitching. They will however have only themseves to blame.

One of New Zealand’s most notorious paedophiles is living on a school walking route under the 24-hour supervision of a former priest convicted of molesting altar boys.

Corrections Department psychologists have told the Parole Board that Howard Vivian Kitching, a brain-injured, serial child molester, is showing signs that “offending against children is imminent”.

But the board has rejected efforts by police and Corrections to have Kitching recalled to prison, where he had been serving an indefinite jail term for 11 sexual offences against girls dating back to 1963.

Kitching has spent 32 years – more than half his life – in prison and reoffended against a girl within days of his last release in 1985.

He had earlier been considered such a risk he was sentenced to preventive detention, which means he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

One has to ask why this notorious kiddy fiddler isn’t permanently behind bars or if that is too hard let out into the general prison population for some “exercise”.