Newsflash Clark, it isn't all about you

Clark shuns invite to maraeWaitangi will become the political battleground today and tomorrow for the great election-year contest between Labour and the Maori Party but Prime Minister Helen Clark will try to avoid potential troubles at Te Tii Marae.
[NZ Politics]

Tomorrow is New Zealand's National Day. Helen Clark however thinks the day is all about her. The Prime Minister will not be among the group of cross-party MPs that will be welcomed on to Te Tii Marae this morning and has not accepted an invitation to participate in a leaders debate with National Party leader John Key and others at the marae this afternoon.

So lets look at this…..she slags off John Key all the time yet won't face him in a debate, where I come from that makes you a chicken. She won't go to Te Tii Marae where her attendance attracts protest. Oh dear the poor wee socialist queen can't bear to hear or see her subjects protesting. Instead the poor wee dear wants "a programme which contains dignity".