Newsflash Dick, you lost!

Auckland Blog: Of course Dick Hubbard is angry….

Dick Hubbard is an angry bitter lonely man. He has tired of the loneliness of being a loser and decided to strike out, as usual he missed his target.

Cr Aaron Bhatnagar sums up “the Dick’s” woes quite well.
[quote]After three years of failed big projects (Aotea “Outside the Square”, flip flops (rates, Waterfront Stadium) and disastrous PR (too numerous to mentioN), the Hubbard Mayoral taskforce for Sustainability was his only campaign tool left – a grab bag of cliches, feelgood blah and things the council were doing already as a packaged policy.

And now it’s gone, much like Mr Hubbard’s old leased Prius.[/quote]

Newsflash Dick!!! We don’t want to hear one word, not one more word from your mealy little socialist mouth, bugger off.

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