Nice Guys

I have been receiving quite a few emails after my post about the Brick Chuckers. Plus the comments have been burned up by ranting, raving, lunatics. Here are some of th examples of the emails sent from these really nice caring “Dads”.

Given that you have more to lose than they do – might be an idea for you to pull your head in.

I am a bit surprised that you are having a go at me – I’m just laying it out for you, because obviously, you have not carefully considered either the cost of your actions, or who you may be up against.

According to the Dominion Post, People Power have hit 4 political offices in a month, one allegedly with a gunshot through the window.

Do you think for a second that they are going to be worried about whether or not you own a bloody gun?

No wonder no one fucks around with the Muslims…………they blow their enemies up.


Obviously he hasn’t heard of George W Bush or the State of Israel.

How about this one….

Your home address is now in the public domain.

So, what are you going to do about it?

You sound afraid – you see, the mistake you and Dave made was to pick on one of my friends.

You push me, I’ll push back – only next time, I won’t warn you – I’ll just send someone over.


Or this one

Nexus Man <[email protected]>
to Cam Slater ,
date Feb 11, 2008 9:14 PM
subject RE: Your post


Your claims have been refuted, and re-refuted, but you just don’t listen.

You need to take responsibility for your actions – all you found was an independent server that hosted some sites you don’t like.

You have no evidence of links between groups – you just made some stuff up.

And when the CYFSWATCH people attempted to correct you – you went ballistic.

You and Dave then posted private details of a poster to your site – and when the favour was returned by me to you – you went ballistic again.

You sound like a very angry man, which I’m picking may be an abreaction to a latent depression.

You attack sites like CYFSWATCH, yet not once do you ask the hosts of the CYFSWATCH site why they host such a site.

“Must be grumpy old men” you say.

You hate the People Power people because you see them as “extremist”, yet here you are ready to shoot me with your gun, just for “putting some words on the internet” – you are completly inconsistent in your thinking.

Just imagine what would happen if I did forward a notification to CYF – you’d be fucked as a Dad, because, given the thread here, and what
is on your blog (the “come around and I will shoot you” bit), your son would be taken into immediate care and protection, pending an investigation – no if, buts, or maybes.

You seem to regard fear as a weakness; yet courage can only operate in the presence of fear, not in its absence.

What you display is a complete and utter recklessness for your personal safety, which is fine, but as a parent, you don’t have that luxury anymore.

If something did happen to you – where would that leave him?

You don’t seem to realise how vulnerable you are Cameron – or worse, you maybe just don’t care.

You might as well have painted a great big target on yourself which reads “aim here please”.

Deathwish, perhaps?


Nice huh!!! and not once have they tried to be reasonable in communicating with me, and it is not like it is hard, I do even have a contact page. I have come to the conclusion that these guys are batshit mad, perhaps even madder than Tom Cruise and that is saying something.