Not good enough Winston

Blog: Peters denies Owen Glenn donation, abuses journos (+audio) – 28 Feb 2008 – NZ Politics – Political editor Audrey Young blogs from Parliament – New Zealand Herald

Winston has fronted, well sort of, to journalists to answer the serious questions that remain unanswered over the Owen Glenn affair. However he used the presser to attack journalists.

Peters brought along his own prop – a “No” sign to reinforce his message which was peppered with verbal and personal abuse to many of the journalists present.

When Guyon Espiner from TVNZ said: “Can I just clarify with you. Are you saying you have never received one dollar from Owen Glenn or any associate of Owen Glenn” Peters held up his “No” sign.

“Got that? N – o to every one of the allegations you have made.”

Peters, the Foreign Minister, has just returned from a week abroad to South Africa, Zambia and South Korea where he dined with United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (if she could see him now!).

Winston has again LIED, I used capitals just in case he misses my deliberate slur on his integrity. Winston lied because he said;

To recap, this is what Jones told me when I asked him on Wednesday last week if Owen Glenn had given the party money: ” I do know that we received a donation at the end of last year which will be returned in our donations in the normal way. It’s anonymous. I have no idea where it came from. I went to the bank. The thing was there. I said ‘where did this come from?’ and they pushed all the buttons and they said ‘no we can’t tell you.’ So I don’t know.”

I asked him how much. He said between $10,000 and $100,000 and when pressed said it was “probably closer to $100,000.” It was a substantial sum for New Zealand First.

Peters said the reports since those comments were “a wanton mischief and a wanton lie.”

No Mr Peters it is you who is telling the wanton lies. If the donation was ANONYMOUS how can you categorically deny that it came from Owen Glenn. Both contentions cannot live side by side.

Come on Aud, ask the hard questions, nail this slimey prick to the floor.