Oh dear Gordon Brown has upset some folk

How Brown now Gordon? UK PM turns Fuji frontman – 01 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: World / International News

I don’t write the Herald headlines contrary to claims at The Stranded. I checked this story and it turns out it is about Fiji NOT Fuji.

Anyway, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s image is being used to promote holidays under the military dictatorship in Fiji – as UK travellers to the country are being told to be prepared for riots, and not to talk politics. Of course the advice being given to tourist is complete bollocks. Riots my arse. Fijian’s just don’t riot.

They also have the gumption to interview Laisenia Qarase, former Fijian prime minister, who described Downing Street’s backing for the tourism campaign as “odd…the country is quite unstable and we have a regime that is dictatorial and undemocratic”. Yeah right, it was dictatorial and undemocratic AND corrupt under his government.

Anyway here is the offending image.

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