Oh Hardy, hardy, har

Biofuel could cause more carbon problems – New Zealand’s source for World News on Stuff.co.nz

In our headlong rush to be “green” and “carbon neutral” the planet is rushing head long down a dead-end. Not only are biofuels dirtier but they are contributing to a massive spike in food prices as farmers change from food crops to biofuels crops to make more money.

The joke of it all though is that the “evil” fossil fuels are just biofuels with a few million years of distillation.
[quote]One study found that converting forests and grasslands to produce food-based biofuels in Brazil, South-East Asia and the US created a “biofuel carbon debt”, releasing 17 to 420 times more carbon than the annual greenhouse gas reductions they achieve by replacing fossil fuels.

The scientists looked at carbon released into the air when soils are overturned and existing vegetation rots or is burned away. In one case, they found it would take 423 years to repay the carbon debt incurred by converting an Indonesian peatland into a biofuel plantation.[/quote]

You see the amount of carbon in a plant that is living and standing is the same as the amount of carbon in the same plant mulched up and made into biofuels, and is the same amount of carbon in the same plant left to rot in a peat bog, and is the same amount of carbon in the same plant that grew millions of years ago and turned into oil.

Worse the land changes are releasing carbon that was previously “locked” in the ground……Now if you followed all that you will realise that this carbon neutrality bullshit is exactly that, bullshit, along with AGW, AGC and any other spurious science half-assed hockey stick fallacy that proven liar Al Gore spouts.

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