Peters says it isn't Owen

Peters: No Owen Glenn donation to NZ First – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

That’s good Winnie, but questions remain unanswered.

  • Why did Dail Jones say it was anonymous?
  • If you know it can’t be anonymous, can it?
  • So who was it?
  • Why didn’t owen Glenn categorically deny it?
  • Is the money from Labour via a Trust account in Tauranga?
  • You don’t ask anyone for money???? Seriously we are not going to believe that one in a million years.

So all those donors that you have declared in your Electoral Returns just happened to front up with out being asked huh? Tipene O’Regan? The fishing companies? I’m sorry Winston but that doesn’t wash.

In other news on this matter Winston has turned on journalists. He is clearly suffering from Media Derangement Syndrome and he caught it off Helen.

Peters turns on journalists – Newstalk ZB