PM opens election year with plan to cut house costs

PM opens election year with plan to cut house costsHelen Clark will start Parliament's election-year debates today with a proposal to use Crown land to reduce the cost of housing by increasing the supply of homes.
She will also unveil measures to give non-Government organisations…
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Oh fantastic, Labours grand election strategy is to tank house values by opening up crown land to increase the supply of housing.

I bet the neighbours of this newly opened up Crown land will be just joyful with anticipation of the massive drop in the values of their houses with massive "Crown" housing estates opening up next door.

So let's recap Labour's election strategy so far

  • Gag the opposition with restrictive free speech laws
  • Put in a tunnel and at the same time bowl 150 state houses in your electorate
  • Implement toll roading to pay for the tunnel
  • Tank house prices by massively increasing supply by freeing up Crown land
  • Increase mortgage rates to keep a lid on ramantmpant inflation caused by profligate public spending
  • Give the peon's tax cuts that will increase inflation that will increse mortgage rates on the rapidly decreasing valued houses

Yep, looks like a winning strategy…..for National.