PM proves hypocrisy of EFA

PM opens election year with plan to cut house costsHelen Clark will start Parliament's election-year debates today with a proposal to use Crown land to reduce the cost of housing by increasing the supply of homes.
She will also unveil measures to give non-Government organisations…
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In talking up her taudry government ans what they are going to achieve this year Helen Clark inadvertantly showed us how she and her party are a complete bunch of hypocrites with the rammed through draconian legislation that is the Electoral Finance Act.

[quote] Because of New Zealand's short electoral cycle – three years between elections – "it is not appropriate and it is certainly not the Government's intention to hang up its boots at the start of the third year and go off and campaign". [/quote]

Riiiiight… let's get this straigh Prime Minister, you won't be campaigning and just so no one else gets that silly idea into their head you limited the ability of everyone else to do so. Not only that you regulated one third of "New Zealand's short electoral cycle". Taudry, self agrandising, shameless, hypocrisy.

No you won't be campaigning will you? The government departments will do that for you with their increased advertising budgets.