PM should get over Waitangi problems – Key

PM should get over Waitangi problems – KeyNational leader John Key has arrived at Waitangi in the Far North with a message to Prime Minister Helen Clark that she needs to "get over" her objections to going onto Te Tii Marae.
Mr Key was welcomed onto the marae this morning…
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Yeah Helen….buy this and get over it.?

Meanwhile Labour's PR disasters continue unabated. Last year it was the girl from McGehan Place that upstaged Clark this year it is Key and Harawira. Clark is nowhere to be seen, hiding with her mates 20 minutes away while Key is looking Prime Ministerial and in the thick of it engaging with Maori.

[quote]"Well I think she should get over it".

"I mean quite honestly, she's had some issues here and I think the whole focus of the events here is different – it's an opportunity for her to engage.

"Frankly, from the National Party's perspective we don't care, we are here happy to front up and talk about our policies and if she wants to go and have a private little chat with her candidate 20 minutes up the road, well she's welcome to it."[/quote]

The differences are stark. Key is open and engaging, Clark is sullen and sour.