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After two weeks from hell when no-one listened to Labour as it launched some new policies, what they are even I can’t remember, Helen gets to enjoy the frontpage of the DomPost this morning that screams “Poll-Axed”, to top it all off the one poll that the client-blogs were clinging to for solace has dramatically reversed to a position it was at before they published their rogue poll.

The Fairfax Media-Nielsen poll, shows National opening a massive 23-point lead over Labour.

National sits on 55%
Labour plummets to 32%
Greens hang tough at 6%
Winston First is rancid, dead meat at 3%
Maori Party still has 2% support, but that is irrelevant because they are essentially a Constituency party.
Act, United Future and The Jim Anderton party are set to all be one seat wonders at 0.5%

Preferred PM ratings are devastating for Clark.

Key: 44%
Clark: 29%

Despite Labour and their client-blogs screaming that boot-camps won’t work, the public has decided that they should at least be given a try. Clarks continued cowardice over Waitangi has backfired on her as John Key is recognised for his brave stance at Waitangi. This will completely root Labour’s strategy that seems completely based around Key Derangement Syndrome.

To make matters worse the latest Morgan Poll shows that the last one was a rogue and a mean judder bar in the carpark that as the Key lead National juggernaut rolls relentlessly on.

[Roy Morgan Research] Morgan Poll

Again it is the headline that is devastating. “Voters Desert Labour as House Prices & Consumer Confidence Fall”

National leaps 6% to 51.5%
Labour fell off a cliff and is not at only 32.5%.
Greens support is also ffalling as they continue to support a taudry, corrupt and venal government. They sit at 8%
Winston First is dog tucker at 3%
The maori party scores 3%
Act has become even more irrelevant as Rodney remains invisible. This is a shame and can only be recovered by being forceful and bold. 0.5%
United Future and Progressives both score 0.5% essentially guaranteeing that Peter, Jim and Rodney will essentially be independant MP’s who will have little to contribute as they become irrelevancies.

The Labour whispering will have very definitely changed to “We can’t win with Helen”. That will turn to open hostility when (it is only a matter of time) labour fallsunder 30%. With polling like this they actually become self fulfilling because no-one wants to be seen backing a loser. Support dries up, volunteers all of a sudden have something else to do and donation cease all together. It looks terminal.