Pork Barrel Politics by Labour

Shadbolt confident of more funding for SIT (+video)Invercargill's rebel Mayor Tim Shadbolt says a $6.5 million funding boost for the city's polytechnic has given him confidence he can wring even more cash out of the Government.
The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) today said…
[NZ Politics]

Tim Shadbolt has clearly caused way too much embarrassment for the Government and he has got exactly what he wanted and then some.

[quote]The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) today said it was giving the Southland Institute of Technology (SIT) an additional $6.56 million to enhance the services it provided in Southland.

But it stressed the money, from its Quality Reinvestment Fund, was separate and unrelated to the $6m it slashed from SIT's Christchurch campus and some computer courses last year.[/quote]

Which is a nice bit of polly-speak for the focus groups showed us that Labour was hurting so we were ordered to find some spare cash to shut Tim Shadbolt up.

Nice, Labour brings us American Style pork-barrell politics to New Zealand. Scream loud enough, embarrass the government and wads of cash will be thrown your way.

See how an incumbent government can outspend anyone else in campaigning. They just spend other peoples money while anyone campaigning against them is limited. That $6.5 million sure won't be counted as election spending and it is clear where the BIG MONEY in New Zealand politics lies, with Labour.