Rodney's thinking catches up with the blogosphere

Hide looks to National votersAct leader Rodney Hide has put out an appeal to National's right-leaning supporters by saying Act was needed to ensure any future National Government was not simply Labour with another face.
In his first major election year speech…
[NZ Politics]

Rodney has finally caught up with the strategy I mentioned over 6 months ago , about the time when dedicated Actoids were screaming about Labour-Lite.

There is one problem with that strategy though that Actoids always forget about. They are eating from the same piece of pie. The vote on the right doesn't change unless some of the centre left get's munched as well.

So what is Rodney to do, well get radical would be one thing. Have 5 totally obnoxious policies to 95% of the electorate but that will appeal to 5%. Go for the rednecks, free economists, death penalty, hard labour for vandalism types.

What have you got to lose? Currently 99.9% of the electorate doesn't get you or your party. Time for a change because what you have been doing hasn't clearly worked. Get radical, get libertarian and for christ sake get some fire and venom.