She's all over red rover – Trotter

CHRIS TROTTER: Helen of destroy loses faithful – Sunday Star-Times – Sunday Star-Times

Chris Trotter calls it “Helen must go.” Man is he going to be on the shit list now. From singing the new Labour campaign song on stage to public pariah. Hell, Helen might even call him a right wing blogger.

Trotter paints the beginning of the end of Helengrad as the passing of the anti-smacking laws.
[quote]To Clark, the case against smacking was morally self-evident. But to Labour’s conservative working-class supporters it represented the lofty condescension of a childless politician who clearly believed she knew more about raising kids than they did.

Clark knew her working-class base didn’t want her to pass the bill and they knew she knew. But she passed it anyway.

The prime minister hadn’t listened to them even worse, she’d taken them for granted. Instead of dancing with the Pacific Island, Maori and poor Pakeha voters who had saved her career, she’d waltzed off with the bill’s middle-class backers. Labour’s most loyal supporters could hear Helen chortling at the oh-so-sophisticated humour of her academic mates and somehow they just knew she was laughing at them.

So now they’re over her: finally and irrevocably. Many are saying they’ll vote for John Key, but in the end they’ll probably just stay home on election day and watch the Labour Party lose.

They’re determined to give Helen Clark the damn good smacking she deserves even at the cost of punishing themselves.[/quote]

It’ll be a sparse year for Trotter as the government cards him for such treasonous writing.

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