Something smells a bit whiffy around here

New Zealand Parliament – 2. Cabinet Appointments and Honours Committee?Chair

John Key: How did the Prime Minister become aware of Mr Glenn?s interest in the honorary consul position; was it because the matter was raised directly with her by Mr Glenn, or was his request relayed to her by Labour Party President, Mike Williams?

Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: Certainly there has been no conversation by me with Mr Glenn on this matter. I am aware that he has had breakfast with Mr Peters and it has been discussed. Where in the ether it came to me I do not know.

So are we to gather from her rather cryptic reply that Winston First has been bailed out by Owen Glenn? What was discussed at that breakfast? Was it politics? If so that is highly inappropriate to be discussing politics at breakfast, well it must be! If it was highly inappropriate to discuss politics at dinner then it is doubly inappropriate to discuss it at breakfast.

Did Owen Glenn ask for the job? How rude if he did.

There is plenty more to this sorry little saga.