The evidence is mounting

Cactus Kate: When Winston’s Away……

Last night I blogged about Dail Jones’ blatant lies over NZ First “Anonymous Donation”.

Cactus Kate hammers down all the nails in his coffin. Either the Bank broke the law, and that is unlikely or Dail Jones is a liar. I pick Dail Jones is a liar.

Dail Jones states he went to the bank and in the process alerted them to an unusual transaction, that is, the President (one would have to assume a legally authorised person on the NZ First account to even be asking for the information) did not know at that point where the money had come from. At this time a bank officer would no doubt have found the transaction on the screen and details regarding. As the amount was “between $10,000 and $100,000” – that is over the $9,999.99 “prescribed amount” that triggers certain reporting obligations, and an unusual possibly one-off transaction, the bank in order to complete the transaction should have obtained enough details to accept money from the source to the recipient.

If they had the details, they should have provided it to Dail Jones as he would have had the authority to receive such information as an authorised person on the account, as lawyers and MP’s don’t just march into banks and ask for information they are not entitled to now, do they?

Dail Jones is a liar.