The Hive has some questions for Winston

The Hive: How Does NZ First Fund Itself?

Well just one actually, How does Winston First fund itself?

A very interesting question and they beat me to the exact same detail that I have been working on over the weekend. It is no wonder that President Dail Jones rushed off to the bank to see who the donor was as they have never, ever had a donation over $15,000. One of those donations was from the Gold Times Sports, now correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that the dodgy folk who allegedly ran a money laundering scheme with pokie money and the Helicopter Rescue folk where they would donate a large amount of money then bill the Rescue Helicopter folk for large fund raising expenses and thus get the dough back through the back door. They were acquitted but I am sure that was them.

So we now have a case of Winston First never having had a donation above $15,000 as far back as records show, then all of a sudden in the same month that Labour allegedly paid back Owen Glenn for his loan of a hundy they get a semi-anonymous donation of a hundy. We know that Winston knows who the donor is because he said it couldn’t possibly be Owen Glenn. For that statement to wash he must know the door details.

The details of Winston First’s funding certainly need investigating, where is the money to run the party? It isn’t from donations, they are few and far between. Where are the term deposits that Winston waxed lyrical about? They can’t surely have any, given the paltry sums donated to Winston First in the 15 years.

What policy concession has Winston given or received in consideration for this $100,000? How exactly does Winston First fund itself? Come clean Winston.