The Monaco Connection

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Finlay MacDonald exposes the hypocrisy of Labour and Nicky Hager.

If squillionaire Labourite Owen Glenn is feeling slightly embarrassed over the recent disclosure of his own personal electoral finance acts, he can at least be thankful he isn’t a National Party supporter.

Imagine the fun Nicky Hager would have had with this. One of New Zealand’s fattest expat cats throwing his money around like Daddy Warbucks to assist his pet politicians into power – whole new chapters and appendices would have had to be added to The Hollow Men, undoubtedly subtitled “The Monaco Connection”.

And one can only imagine the added sensationalism were Mr Glenn to be revealed as a member of the Exclusive Brethren. So exclusive he’s had to hole up in a Mediterranean tax haven from where he plots the downfall of the government of a country he hasn’t lived in for four decades.

Do they even have Brethren in Monaco? Maybe they have their own exclusive casinos and a separate marina for their exclusive superyachts: Secretive Super-rich Riviera Cult Behind Mystery Money Shock!

His best lines though are reserved for the fiasco currently embroiling Winston First.

God only knows what we’re to make of New Zealand First’s president and leader disagreeing over the source of their own mystery donation, but surely it all goes to the same point: be it electoral fraud or electoral farce, be it Owen Glenn or those hollow men, and however imperfect the EFA might be, we’re better off having improved the lighting in the casino where politics and money mix and mingle.